ESL Topic: Why I chose to join the army

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Этот материал посвящён теме «Почему я выбрал воинскую службу».

To choose a kind of profession is a very important decision. Taking a job one must think over future employment and prospects. People should think a lot before making this decision.

In my childhood I was curious to learn how to get available prestigious professions. I wanted to obtain a profession dealing with communication with people. Such as military interpreter, translator, guide, travel agent, etc. In the past few years I’ve got especially interested in acquiring necessary skills in foreign languages. Especially in English. And now the career of military interpreter sounds interesting to me. I shall be able to get along with great amount of different people. My ambition is to be a good specialist in the field of foreign languages.

P.S. Please, enjoy this video about some army (military) fails.

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