Песня «Катюша» на английском

«Катюша». Перевод песни  на английский язык. Выполнен Громовым А.В.

Katyusha (Russian beauty Katya)

катюша песня английский

Apple trees and pear trees were blooming.

River mists were fleecing riversides.

Bank was stepped by Russian beauty Katya,

It was high and very steep besides.

She began to sing a lyric ditty

Of an ash steppe eagle super man,

Of the man who was for her so pretty

And Katyusha kept all his e-mails.

O, the song, the charming lass’s story

Will you fly on to the blazing sun,

And for distant frontier post soldier

Will you give Katyusha’s song for fun.

Let him feel the Katya’s heart of canty.

Let him listen to her lovely voice.

Let him guard the native country gently.

After all she made her final choice.


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