Тема 2. Topic 2. Гостиница, отель

Эта страница посвящена теме номер 2, Topic 2 «Гостиница, отель»

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At the Hotel

гостиница отель vocabulary words словарь hotel

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Track 1. Where? Where is the hotel?


Where is the hotel?


How can we get to the hotel?

Please, take us to the hotel.

not far from here

I need …

I need a hotel not far from here.

the centre of the town

I need a hotel not far from the centre of the town.

Can you recommend a good hotel?

a reasonable priced hotel

Where can I park my car?

Track 2. How can I help you?

How can I help you?

You have a room reserved for me.

My name is …

a single room

a double room

a suite

I need a single room with a bathroom.

We need a double room with sea-view.

We need a suite for a week.

something more comfortable

We need something more comfortable.

a room overlooking the sea     /     a sea view room

a room facing the back     /     facing the yard

Is this a room overlooking the sea or facing the back?

How long do you plan to stay?

We plan to stay for one night.

for a week

for 12 days

How much is the room per night?

£80 per night.

Can you give me a discount?

Do you do a reduced rate if I stay for so and so nights?

Track 3. What facilities are there in the room?

What facilities are there in the room?




climate control



cable TV









coffee machine

in-room safe


double bed

king size bed

Is there        a balcony            in the room?

climate control

a freezer

an in-room safe


Track 4. The price of the room. Hotel facilities.

the price of the room

Does the price of the room include breakfast?

the in-room safe

the mini-bar

cable TV

climate control

What hotel facilities do you have?

We have a terrace with tables for eating outside.

five bars with full alcoholic drinks license

three restaurants with vegetarian diets provided

a conference hall

Internet access

four children’s playgrounds

two indoor and three outdoor swimming pools

Do you have laundry and ironing service?

a private parking

baby-sitting service

a sauna

a PC terminal

a beauty saloon

a chemist’s shop

tennis courts

golf grounds

Track 5. I would like a room.

I would like a room facing the sea with an in-room safe on the second floor.

How much is the room per night?

There is vacancy from tomorrow.

How much is the room with breakfast?

without breakfast

with half board

with full board

May I see the room?

This room doesn’t suit me.

Do you have another room?

an extra bed

Can you put in an extra bed?

Is there a cheaper room?

Is there a quieter room?

This room suits me.

I shall take this room.

to stay at the hotel

to book a room

I would like to book a room at your hotel.

from the 1st to the 14th of August

I’d like to book a room at your hotel from the 1st to the 14th of August.

Track 6. Guest Registration Card.

guest registration card

Will you fill in the Guest Registration Card?

Please help me.

What shall I write here?


first name

middle initial


home address


passport №

purpose of visit

date of arrival

date of departure


next destination

room №


in advance     /     on departure

Shall I pay in advance or on departure?

to pay cash     /     to pay by credit card

Shall I pay cash or by credit card?

check-out time     /     What is the check-out time?

What is the number of my room?

Room 231. The second floor.

Here is the key to your room.

key card

the porter


The porter will take your luggage up to your room.

The lift is over there.

Track 7. When and where is breakfast?

when and where?


smorgasbord     /     breakfast buffet

When and where is breakfast?

Where is the gym?

the fitness centre

the bar

the restaurant

the café

the sauna

currency exchange

Please send a chamber-maid.

a waiter

a porter

Can I leave my valuables with you for safekeeping?

my documents

my money

I’d like to collect my valuables.

Could I have an extra blanket?

an extra towel

an extra pillow

a few more clothes hangers

Where can I rent a car?

How much is the car a day?

Track 8. The window is out of order. Troubles.

The window is out of order.

The shower doesn’t work.

The TV-set

The air-conditioner

The Internet connection

The light

The toilet

Please have the trouble corrected.

The heating doesn’t work.

Please have the trouble corrected.

When will it be ready?

in 30 minutes

If anyone asks for me, I’m in my room.

I’m in room 256.

I’m at the swimming-pool.


I’ve got a problem.

I’ve left my key in my room.

I can’t open the door.

Please help me.

Track 9. Tomorrow morning. Departure.

tomorrow morning

Please wake me up at 7 a.m. tomorrow morning.

When are you leaving?

We are leaving tomorrow.

Please make up the bill.

May I leave my luggage here until 3 p.m.?

Please call me a taxi.

I’d like to pay for my staying here.

a manager

a lobby

hot water

cold water

a looking-glass

a tap



a towel

to switch on     /     off

an armchair

a bed

a bulb

to open     /     to close

a bed sheet

bed clothes

to go upstairs     /     downstairs

to change

a room service person


a doctor’s consulting room

Track 10. Dialogue.

— Good morning!

— Good morning, sir! How can I help you?

— We‘d like to stay at this hotel from tonight.

— Have you booked a room?

— No, unfortunately not.

— No problem. How long do you plan to stay?

— For a week.

— What kind of room would you like to have?

— A double room with one extra bed for my child.

— Yes, we’ve got one on the 3rd floor.

— How much is the room per night?

— €35 per night for a person, a child free. You should only make an extra payment for the extra bed. It costs €10 per night.

— In other words we should pay €80 per night.

— Yes, you are right. This is the final sum.

— Do you do a reduced rate if we stay here 7 nights?

— Yes, sure. We can give you a 10% discount.

— Thank you so much. By the way, may I see the room?

— Sure. Here is the key. Room 321. The 3rd floor.

(in a few minutes)

— I’m sorry, but we would like a sea-view room. This room is facing the back and a little bit noisy.

— Yes, you are right. But the same room with sea-view is more expensive. The price of your room includes breakfast and your in-room safe.

— O. K. I think we’ll take it.

— In this case please fill in the Registration Card. Please put your signature here.

— Can I pay cash or by credit card?

— Cash please.

— And one more thing. When is breakfast?

— Any time between 7 and 9.30 a.m. Dining room is on the 2nd floor. It’s breakfast buffet. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay at our hotel. The porter will take your luggage up to your room.

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