Тема 5. Topic 5. Asking one’s way/Как куда пройти, проехать?

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«Как куда пройти, проехать?»

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как куда пройти направления город asking the way giving directions

Track 1. Where? Here.

where     /     here     /     there     /     over there

round the corner

far from here

nearby     /     everywhere     /     nowhere

next to the hotel

Where have you been?

on the left     /     The supermarket is on the left.

Where is the supermarket? It’s on the left.

on the right     /     The supermarket is on the right.

Where is the supermarket?     /     It’s on the right.

The restaurant is on the right.

On this side of the street.      /     On that side of the street.

This shop is on that side of the street.

He is waiting for us on this side of the street.

Where shall we meet?     /     At the bus stop.

When shall we meet?      /     At noon sharp.

in the square

Where and when shall we meet?      /     We shall meet in the square at noon sharp.

at the crossing

on the street corner     /     I shall be waiting for you on the street corner.

near the cash desk     /     I shall be waiting for you near the cash desk.

Track 2. Where is the British museum?

Where is the British museum?

the centre of the town

Where is the centre of the town?

Excuse me, please tell me, where the centre of the town is?

How can I get to …?     /     the theatre

the museum

Please, tell me, how can I get to the museum?

the nearest supermarket

How can I get to the nearest supermarket?

the nearest bus stop

Where is the nearest bus stop?     /     It’s over there.

the railway station

How can I get to the railway station?

the taxi rank

Where is the taxi rank?

the nearest underground station

What is the quickest way to …?     /     the nearest underground station

Does this bus go to …?     /     National gallery

Does this bus go to Westminster abbey?

What is the quickest way to Trafalgar square?

Is this the right way to …?     /     St. Paul’s cathedral

Track 3. Direction.

What direction should I go in?

This way. This way, please.

I don’t know the way.

a foreigner     /     I am a foreigner.

I’ve lost my way.

the map     /     on the map

Please, show me this on the map.

the route     /     Please, draw out the route for me.

the address     /     Please, write the address down.

Is this far from here?

This is nearby.

Is it too far to go on foot?

by bus     /     Can I get there by bus?

by underground     /     Can  I get there by underground?

by train     /     Can I get there by train?

Could you tell me how to get to …?

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the plaza hotel?

Could you tell me how to get to St. Paul’s cathedral?

How can I get to Piccadilly street?

I’m looking for №17.

I’m looking for Piccadilly street.

What is the name of this street, please?

Does this street go to Trafalgar square?

Is this the main street?

Track 4. Bus.

ticket for the bus     /     Where can I buy a ticket for the bus?

travel card     /     Where can I buy a travel card?

What is the fare to …?     /     What is the fare to Elephant and Castle?

What is the fare to Covent Garden metro station?

How many stops to …?     /     How many stops to Piccadilly Circus metro station?

How many stops to Oxford Circus metro station?

What is the next stop?

The next stop is Fleet street.

Which way to …?     /     Which way to Oxford street?

to get off     /     Where should I get off?

to transfer     /     Where should I transfer?

You should change at ….

Fares, please.

underground     /     the Tube

How often do trains run?

What is the next station?

the exit     /     Is the exit at Victoria station on the left or on the right?

What line should I take?

You should take Barkeloo line.

It’s the brown line.

You should take Central line.     /     It’s the red one.

You should take Piccadilly line.     /     It’s the dark blue one.

Are you getting off?     /     You are getting off, aren’t you?

Mind the doors.

Track 5. Taxi.

taxi     /     cab

the taxi rank     /     the taxi stand

Where is the taxi rank?

Is your cab free?

Where to?

Take me to ….

Please, give me a lift to the hotel.

Please, give me a lift to the airport.

I am in a hurry.

Stop here, please.

Please, wait for me. I’ll be back soon.

How much should I pay?

Keep the change.

Track 6. Illustrative dialogues. Dialogue one.

Asking the way.

Excuse me.


Please, tell me the way to the British museum.

Yes, certainly.

It’s a 30 minutes walk from here.

If you want to get there quickly, take the Tube at the Oxford Circus station.

You can go by bus from Oxford circus as well.

How do I get to Oxford circus?

Go straight on, turn right at the traffic lights.

And in 3 minutes you are there.

What bus do I take?

The 73.

It stops on the other side of Oxford street.

Cross the street.

The bus stop is right at the crossing.

At what stop do I get off?

At New Oxford street.

Turn round the corner and you are there.

One more thing.

How long will it take me to get to the museum?

Not more than 15 minutes.

Many thanks!

Not at all.

Track 7. Illustrative dialogues. Dialogue two.

Getting to Russell square from Waterloo

Where is the map?

It’s over here. Look!

The hotel is near Russell square.

Can you see it?

Yes, sure.

We should take the Bakerloo line as far as Piccadilly Circus.

Then change to the Piccadilly line.

It’s the dark blue one.

It’s only 4 stops to Russell square.

How else can we get there?

We can take the Northern line.

It’s the black one.

to get to Leicester square

and change to the Piccadilly line there

It’s only 3 stops to Russell square.

Track 8. Signs.

closed     /     open

entrance     /     exit

pull     /     push

no entry

road closed


caution     /     danger

no parking


bus stop

underground     /     the Tube




toilets     /     WC

gentleman     /     men

ladies     /     women

no smoking

no littering

no swimming

no admission

emergency exit

fire escape

chemist’s      /     drug store


private property

keep off the grass

beware of the dog

wet paint

admission free

no cameras

fasten seat belts

don’t feed the animals


for hire

for sale     /     sale

no trespassing

cash desk

box office     /     post office

Royal mail     /     US mail

telephone     /     phone

card phone

sold out

21 and over only

no dogs allowed

don’t touch the glass     /     don’t touch

lift      /     elevator


up     /     upstairs

down     /     downstairs

exact fare only

out of order

change available

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